New Scoring, Serving & Substitution Rules


Traditionally a match was composed of 3 sets, with the first two sets going to 21 and a third tie-break set (if needed) going to 15, however, recent rule changes has seen a move to less points per set, but playing more sets per match. Now in most international competitions, a match is decided by the first regu to win the best our of FIVE 15-point sets (rather than three). In each set, if both regus are tied at 14-14, play continues until one regu wins by 2 points, up to a ceiling of 17 points. Click HERE to see NEW CORRESPONDING SCORE SHEET from Sepak Takraw Canada.

Another significant rule change has been a move to having each regu serve 3 consecutive serves, regardless of whether or not they received the points for the ensuing rallies of those serves ... so in this way, serving has now become more like it is in table tennis, which helps even out the play, especially when there is a very strong, serve-dominating regu. As well, the new rules now allow for each Regu to have one substition per set (5 possible sets).  CLICK HERE to view/print ALL the Rule Changes (there's 7 more) directly from Sepak Takraw Canada's website.