1st Annual N. Distr. Sepak Takraw Championships - Results

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In preparing for hosting the First Annual Northern District Championships that took place on Dec. 6, 2012 in La Ronge, Senator Myles Venne School (SMV), the host school, had all grades from JHS and up practicing hard in their Phys. Ed. program. It paid off, as the Gold medal in each division went to SMV teams ... although the boys from one of the top-rated Weyakwin Youth Teams played ended up playing in the HS Boys division and still won Bronze. Other teams competing were from Beauval, Southend and Churchill HS (also in La Ronge). Altogether there were 17 teams from 5 schools competing in 3 divisions: Co-ed Youth, H.S. Girls & H.S. Boys. Check out the pictures in our Photo Gallery or on our Face Book Page. Congratulations to all those involved, and let's keep it going and have an even better tournament with more communities participating in 2013!