Sepak Takraw Season is Here ... Check out our NEW INITIATIVE!

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Outlook High School

Contact us about our NEW 'AFTER SCHOOL COMMUNITY PROGRAMS INITIATIVE', accessible to all Members for just $195.00! ... and no more MAP Grant to have to go through.

Step 1: Create interest in learning/playing Sepak Takraw in your school/community, and confirm an approximate number of potential participants

Step 2: Fill in and submit STAS Club Membership Form ($50/yr or $25 for uninterrupted renewals) and After School Program Declaration Form.

Step 3: Book your Skills Clinic(s) and also get a Certified Referee and Coaching Clinic and after school Mini Tournament, AND get your own set of Takraw Balls & Instructional Materials for the sport ... all for only $195.00 (Coach & Referee Clinic participants must paid Individual Members - $30/yr or $15 for renewals).

Step 4: Host your After School Sepak Takraw Program in you school/community/recreation facility.

Step 5: Submit your After School Program Report.


Can't Commit to Running an After School Sepak Takraw Program, but Still Interested in Having an Introduction to the Sport?

No problem, in that case, after submitting your Membership, choose from our standard Clinics/Prices:

  1. $75/hour;
  2. $195/half-day;
  3. $325/full-day;
  4. Plus expenses - mileage at $0.40/km from Regina, meals & accommodation as required if applicable;
  5. 10% off all equipment & instructional materials.