C.) Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Inc. (STAS) Insurance Policy


1.1. When an Individual or a Club becomes a registered member of STAS, then STAS sanctions the training activities of the individual or the registered players/teams within a Club, as well as their regularly scheduled matches, such as league play, and therefore they are covered under the STAS Insurance policy.

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1.2. STAS will also sanction tournaments and events for member Clubs/Teams, providing a request for sanction has been received by the STAS office in advance of the tournament or event from the host.

1.3. Coverage under this policy ends coinciding with the STAS year-end of December 31.

1.4. Clubs/Teams hosting tournaments, competitions, clinics, or camps should contact the STAS office for information on the STAS Event Sanctioning Policy.

1.5. To request information on the Event Sanctioning Policy or to report a claim under the Sport Accident Policy, contact:

Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan

1280 Cameron Street

Regina, SK S4T 2T1

Phone/Fax: (306) 584-8778



2.1. Liability Insurance

2.1.1. Who is Insured? The liability coverage provided will pay legal, adjusting and settlement costs arising from claims brought against the following: The Provincial Sport Governing Body (STAS) named in the Certificate of Insurance; Executives, employees, directors, officers, coaches, managers, officials and volunteers of STAS while acting for or on behalf of the organization; Municipalities, government departments, school boards, sponsors and owners of facilities used by STAS and their members, but only for vicarious liability arising out of STAS’s and/or their members’ operations; Any member of STAS while participating in or training for a sanctioned sporting or training event.


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2.1.2. What Does the Policy Cover? The liability policy will pay legal fees, adjusting expenses and settlement costs for claims brought against an Insured which are claiming for compensatory damages arising from an Insured’s action or alleged negligence causing bodily injury, property damage or personal injury. Claims for negligence covered from insurance would arise from: Premises occupied by STAS and operations conducted by the organization; Bodily injury to spectators arising out of STAS-sanctioned sports and social activities; Actions of independent contractors STAS may employ, but only with respect to STAS’s vicarious liability; Products sold or distributed by STAS; Liability assumed under a contract that STAS has entered into; Accusations of false arrest, wrongful detention or imprisonment, libel, slander, defamation or malicious prosecution. Liability for injury to an employee who is normally covered by Worker’s Compensation but where WCB denies coverage; Liability arising out of the use and operation of vehicles not owned by an insured; Claims for incidental malpractice where a person may become further injured following application of first aid treatment; Damage to facilities rented or leased by STAS.

NOTE: The foregoing provides a partial summary only. The actual terms, conditions, exclusions and limitation are defined in the Master Policy.

2.2. Sport Accident Insurance

2.2.1. Who is Eligible? Amateur Players; Coaches; Trainers; Officials; STAS Executives;

2.2.2. When Does Coverage Occur? STAS-sanctioned Tournaments/Events; Organized Practices/Training; Transportation to and from STAS-sanctioned Events (2 or more traveling together with a minimum distance of 100km traveled); Regular scheduled commercial airlines flights and licensed charters.

2.2.3. What is Covered? Death (Principal Sum): $25, 000 Loss Schedule: $2, 000 to 2 times principal sum Paralysis: 2 x principal sum Prosthetics: $3, 000 Blanket Medical Reimbursement: same limit as principal sum Rehabilitation: $3, 000 Tuition: $2, 000 Special Treatment Travel: $1, 000 Out of Province: $10, 000 Emergency Transportation: $50 Eye Glasses/Contact lenses: $100 Dental Accidents: $5, 000 Dentures/Artificial Teeth: $200 (including hearing aids) Fracture Indemnity: $50 – $500 Aggregate: $1, 000, 000 Out of Country: included