Grant: Athletes Assistance (APP)

Athletes Assistance Program (AAP) Grant Policies and Procedures:

(pending funding availability)



1.1. The purpose of our Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is to provide direct funding support to our high performance athletes who are committed to compete beyond a provincial level and have the greatest potential to improve their performance standard and/or ranking at the national level. This grant is made available to Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan (STAS) through the assistance of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation, which derives proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets in Saskatchewan.

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1.2. An AAP Review Committee of STAS will be reviewing all grant requests and recommend approval.



2.1. Applicants must be paid members in good standing with Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan (STAS), Individual Membership Fee being $30/person;

2.2. Athlete must have been a full time resident of Saskatchewan for the previous 12 months (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) and hold a valid Saskatchewan Health Card;

2.3. The Athlete must be a minimum of 14 years of age;

2.4. The Athlete must have competed in the previous provincial championships and other major events over the past year and be a current or previous provincial Sepak Takraw Team member;

2.5. The Athlete must be seriously committed to improve his/her athletic performance beyond a provincial level through intense training and technical development with the provincial team program, and on his/her own all year round, resulting in competitive success;

2.6. The Athlete must attend ALL provincial practices, training programs and tournaments. If, for some important reason, an Athlete cannot attend, the Technical Director/Coach must be notified in advance;

2.7. The Athlete must be AVAILABLE for selection onto a Saskatchewan Provincial Team, and compete in all tournaments/events for which they are selected;

2.8. If injured, the Athlete must notify the STAS office immediately;

2.9. The Athlete must sign and adhere to the STAS Code of Conduct;

2.10. The Athlete must sign and adhere to a contract of Athlete Commitment with STAS.



3.1. Upon request, assist in grassroots programming such as Introductory Clinics, Game Demos, School Leagues, and Tournaments, etc., such as, but not limited to, the following potential programs:

3.1.1. Pre School Season Clinics/Demos – January/February/March (and potentially all year round);

3.1.2. Elementary School League (12 – 14 years old) – April/May;

3.1.3. High School League (15 – 18 years old) – April/May;

3.1.4. School Play offs (12 – 18 years old) – May/June;

3.1.5. Jr. (18 & under) & Sr. (19 & older) Outdoor Program & Recreation League – June/July/August;

3.1.6. Modified Mini-Kicks (9 – 11 years old) – September;

3.1.7. Adult Indoor Recreation/Competitive League (19 & older) – September/October/November;



4.1. Commitment 50 points, 50%

4.1.1. Attendance ( is 10 points, others are 5 points each for a maximum total of 25 points): Personal Fitness/Technical Training Program (following an Advanced Training Schedule); Advanced/Provincial Team Training Program/Competitions – Indoor; Advanced/Provincial Team Training Program/Competitions – Outdoor; Provincial/National Training Camps and/or Training.

4.1.2. Volunteer Activities (5 points each for a maximum of 25 points): Clinics/Demos/Promotional Events; School/Adult Leagues; Summer Outdoor Programs; Modified Mini-Kicks; Office/Administrative Tasks.


4.2. Skill – 45 points, 45%

4.2.1. From “STAC National Skills Test” Results: Consecutive Kicks (10 points for a total of 200 or more, 0 points for under 200); Defense/Setting (10 points for a total of 35 or more, 0 points for under 35); Targeted Serving (10 points for a total of 35 or more, 0 points for under 35); Successful Spiking (10 points for a total of 25 or more, 0 points for under 25); Successful Blocking (5 points for a total of 5 or more, 0 points for under 5).


4.3. Potential – 5 points, 5%

4.3.1. Recommended as National Team Player (from Training Program/ID Camp/Skills Test, 5 points).



5.1. The amount of Approved Grant Funds that will be distributed to each Athlete shall be relative to his/her total sum of points (%) for Commitment, Skill, and Potential.



6.1. The Selection Committee shall ideally consist of the Technical Director/Provincial Coach and the VP Excellence, and they shall determine which athletes will receive funding, and how much they will receive (according to the Ranking results above and the amount of funds available).



7.1. The undetermined amount of Eligible Funding shall be used for:

7.1.1. Helping Athletes train and travel to competitions;

7.1.2. Helping pay for tuition fees of post-secondary institutions;

7.1.3. Helping pay for lost wages due to attendance at training or competitions.

7.2. Saskatchewan athletes training outside the province are still eligible for assistance under the following conditions:

7.2.1. STAS substantiates that the athlete cannot receive the required training in Saskatchewan to adequately progress their Sepak Takraw skill level. This could be due to a lack of facilities, coaching, competition, etc.

7.2.2. Athletes who attend a post-secondary educational institution out of province because the course of study is not available in Saskatchewan.

7.2.3. Athletes that receive Athlete Assistance must remain eligible to compete for Saskatchewan at national competitions and/or Multi-sport Games, and not compete for another province.

7.3. Submission of AAP Application:

7.3.1. As STAS’s Fiscal Year is January 1 – December 31, Applicants shall submit an AAP Application Form, completed National Skills Test, along with their Membership Form & Fee (if not already paid) to the STAS Office by the Deadline of 5:00 p.m., March 31st.

7.3.2. AAP Application Forms should be typed out or printed neatly, signed, dated and mailed to:

Vice President – Finance/Administration

Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan

1280 Cameron Street

Regina, SK S4T 2T1

7.3.3. Late or improperly completed requests shall be returned to the applicants.

7.3.4. STAS will inform applicants of their status once all documentation has been received, including the National Skill Test results.

7.3.5. Once decided, STAS will notify SaskSport of the number of athletes receiving funding.



8.1. Athletes must sign a contract;

8.2. Athletes shall receive funding in two payments, $100 of their allotted amount shall be paid on April 1st, and if it is determined that the athletes have maintained their commitment for the rest of the year, the allotted amount remaining shall be paid out on December 1st;

8.3. If an Athlete does not meet all requirements throughout the year, the remaining allotted amount of funding will be distributed to the other athletes that are in the Athlete Assistance Program.