Sanctioned Events

Tournament or Event Hosting/Sanctioning Policy and Procedures

Though Sepak Takraw is being played in some 200 schools province-wide, the idea of having tournaments for schools to play against each other is just barely starting to take place. But now that STAS has formed, we are here to assist you in every way we can, and hosting a tournament is really the next step that many schools need to take in the sport now.

There is already an annual Provincial Championship Tournament in Saskatchewan, now we will be including 3 age categories (Youth, 11 – 14; Junior, 15 – 18; Senior, 19 & up) in both men and women divisions. So this year we want to help Schools/Clubs to start hosting there own local tournaments, then have zone play-offs with the top teams qualifying for the provincials, which will be an Outdoor Event this year, July 1, Canada Day, in Wascana Park, Regina, SK.

This Policies and Procedures Document, with the attached Appendixes:

§ Will help you to plan and host your tournament and thereby increase the number of tournaments that are offered to schools and clubs throughout the province that are active in the sport;

§ Will serve as a planning guide to ensure that you can provide a quality event to all teams participating.


1.1. Receive MAP Grant from STAS for your event and/or the pre-tournament clinic(s), Takraw balls, instructional manual and DVD;

1.2. Playing in your hometown and local facilities;

1.3. No traveling required;

1.4. Having control over the schedule and all teams attending;

1.5. Fund Raising through canteen sales and tournament entry fees;

1.6. Helping STAS Clubs to develop through meaningful competition;

1.7. Having parents, athletes, and other volunteers work together for the benefit of the entire Club and community;

1.8. Drawing people to your community – economic benefits;

1.9. Showcasing your Club’s dedication and excellence to Sepak Takraw within the Province;

1.10. Help all teams meet the very lenient requirements of attending ONLY ONE Sanctioned STAS Tournament in order to qualify for the Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Provincial Championships.


2.1. Confirm Location & dates

2.2. Book Facility

2.3. Set a target number of teams

2.4. Decide on entry fee

2.5. Submit Hosting/Sanctioning Application and MAP Grant Form

2.6. Arranged officials through STAS

2.7. Prepare your Budget of income & expenses

2.8. Make sure all Tournament supplies in place or arranged

2.9. Communication with, and confirmation of, teams (entry fee paid)

2.10. Set all Publicity avenues into motion

2.11. Confirm & communicate tournament regulations & format with all teams

2.12. Tournament completion duties assigned

* See “Tournament/Facility Checklist”, Appendix 2, for a more detailed list of points to consider in your planning.*


3.1. Any STAS Member Club is eligible to submit a Hosting/Sanctioning Application Form (see Appendix 1) to HOST a local Tournament (or other event such as a Coaching/Officials Clinic, Skills Clinic, or Training Camp), or Provincial Sepak Takraw Championships, for any of the following divisions (preferably with men’s and women’s events of the same age category occurring in the same tournament):

3.1.1. Youth, ages 11 – 14 (Boys & Girls);

3.1.2. Junior, ages 15 – 18 (Boys & Girls);

3.1.3. Senior, ages 19 and older (Men & Women).

3.2. DEADLINES: Hosting/Sanctioning Application proposals for the Provincial Tournament must be submitted by December 31 for the proposed tournament to take place by July 31 of the following year, as the National Sepak Takraw tournament usually takes place in August. For other tournaments or events, the Hosting/Sanctioning Application Forms should be submitted 3 weeks in advance of the tournament.


4.1. The first step in hosting your own tournament (or Coaching/Officials Clinic, Skills Clinic, or Training Camp) is to also sanction the event with Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan.

4.2. In order for a tournament/event to be sanctioned by Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan, simply submit the same Hosting/Sanctioning Application for your event mentioned above (see Appendix 1) and pay the sanction fee.


5.1. To improve knowledge, familiarity and consistency with the hosting of Sepak Takraw Tournaments/Events;

5.2. To ensure that services received through the Sanctioned Tournament/Event meet or exceed the standards set forth by Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan (STAS) and the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (STAC);

5.3. To improve communication between Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan and its members;

5.4. To provide information necessary for the organization of Provincial Sepak Takraw Championships.


6.1. Coverage under SaskSport Liability Insurance for the Sanctioned Event.

6.2. Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan web page promotion of the Sanctioned Event.

6.3. National/international promotion of the Sanctioned Event through the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada.

6.4. Access to Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan’s Officials Program. Official services will only be offered to STAS-Sanctioned Events.

6.5. Access to STAS Services to help assist in the planning of the Sanctioned Event.

6.6. Avoids conflicts with similar STAS Sanctioned Events.



7.1.1. At this time, local “Youth” division (ages 11 – 14) tournaments, MAY USE MODIFIED RULES, and DO NOT NEED TO SANCTION their event, and MAY USE their own non-certified Officials, however, when winning teams advance to zone play-offs, they must play by the standard rules.

7.1.2. Rules of the Game must be followed as stated in the most recent version of the rules as indicated on the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada Web Site, from the junior (ages 15 – 18) division and older.


7.2.1. All Referees used at STAS-Sanctioned Tournament/Events MUST be STAS-certified and currently registered with Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan.

7.2.2. Hosts of Sanctioned Tournaments/Events must contact the STAS Office three weeks prior to the tournament date to arrange for referees.

7.2.3. Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan registered referees cannot participate in non-sanctioned tournaments or events unless they have received permission from the STAS Office.

7.2.4. Any registered Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Official that participates in a Non-sanctioned Tournament or event can lose their Referee Certification status.


8.1. All STAS-Sanctioned Tournaments/Events must follow the STAS Codes of Conduct as outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual (Appendix 1, in the Membership Policy/Benefits section).


9.1. The Sanctioned Tournament/Event must not be staged in competition with similar STAS events, unless permission is granted by Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan for such events to occur.


10.1. Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan must be recognized in all promotional materials and/or activities surrounding the Sanctioned Tournament or Event.


11.1. A Follow-up Report must be submitted to the STAS Office. For Tournaments this will include a summary of the final results. For Clinics & Training Camps the report will include a list of participants and instructors.


12.1. For Sanctioned Junior (ages 15 – 18) and Senior (ages 19 & older) Events, all players, teams, coaches and managers must be current Individual Members with Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan.

12.2. Registered STAS Junior & Senior Players/Teams cannot participate in Non-Sanctioned Tournaments/Events unless they receive permission from Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan.

12.3. Registered STAS Players/Teams that participate in Non-Sanctioned Events within the Province of Saskatchewan, MAY LOSE THEIR ELIGIBILITY to compete in the Saskatchewan Sepak Takraw Provincial Championships.



13.1. The Tournament Hosting/Sanctioning Application Form for the event you wish to host/sanction must be submitted THREE WEEKS prior to the date of the event.

13.2. The Sanctioning Fee of $50.00 must be paid at the time of submitting the Hosting/Sanctioning Application;

13.3. All Tournament Hosting/Sanctioning Applications are subject to approval by STAS, and will not be approved without receiving the sanction fee;

13.4. STAS will notify the Event Host when the request for Tournament Hosting/ Sanctioning is approved, which will typically be very easy and quick (within days of being submitted).


7.1. An INDOOR EVENT shall consider and have in place all of the following guidelines:

7.1.1. The tournament facility must accommodate at least two standard Sepak Takraw (doubles badminton) courts with a minimum of 6 m. of space between them and should have a ceiling clearance at least 15 feet high with nice bright lighting;

7.1.2. The tournament facility must also accommodate bleachers for spectators and have change rooms, bathrooms and preferably have showers (but not mandatory) – or at least shower arrangements nearby – for the athletes;

7.1.3. It is preferable that the tournament facility also have a canteen with some healthy food options & drinks for athletes and spectators;

7.1.4. The “Tournament/Facility Checklist” (see Appendix 2) must be filled out and submitted with the proposal to host, to ensure that everything required for the court set up and matches are either at the tournament facility or arrangements can be made to get it there, i.e., referee chairs, score tables, score cards, score sheets, equipment, etc.

7.2. It is preferable for the tournament to be indoors, however, an OUTDOOR EVENT is also acceptable as long as the following guidelines are in place:

7.2.1. There must be a Tent set up that would serve mainly as shelter for athletes and volunteers, but also be a place where information about the sport can be displayed, food and drinks could be sold, and merchandise could be displayed and offered for sale;

7.2.2. There must be some type of fencing put up all around the playing court area to keep the balls contained while matches are in progress and also for safety for spectators or people passing by. There must be a free space between the outer court boundaries and the fence of at least 3 meters all the way around;

7.2.3. There must be bleachers set up for spectators to able to sit and enjoy watching the matches;

7.2.4. To minimize the effect of the sun, the courts should ideally be running north-south length wise, and they should be positioned side by side with 6 meters of free space between them;

7.2.5. The “Tournament/Facility Checklist” (see Appendix 2) must be filled out and submitted with the proposal to host, to ensure that everything required for the court set up and matches are either at the tournament facility or arrangements can be made to get it there, i.e., referee chairs, score tables, score cards, score sheets, equipment, etc.


8.1. Standard Sepak Takraw nets tied onto badminton poles at the correct height with tight tensions, and official Takraw balls that are the correct weight class for the division(s) involved, must be used for all matches.

8.2. Standard court boundaries (outside lines of a regular badminton court), serving circles, forwards’ semi-circles and center line must be clearly marked on all courts (can be easily added with line tape on gym floors, or spray paint onto the grass for outdoor events).

8.3. Note: all technical rules and specifications are as those posted on the web site.


9.1. A tournament budget (MAP Spending Form) must be prepared and submitted with the Hosting Application.

9.2. The budget must include: all revenues and expenses that the host committee expects to incur, and a portion of eligible expenses can be reimbursed from STAS through the MAP Grant.

9.3. STAS-sanction Fee of $50 is highly recommended and well worth the extra support, publicity and insurance.

9.4. A follow up financial report (MAP Follow-up Form) must be forwarded to STAS within 30 days after the event.


10.1. Arrangements for a certified First Aid Representative to be present at the tournament shall be made by host.

10.2. The “Emergency Action Plan Form” (see Appendix 3) must be filled out and included with the Application to host the tournament, and which shall be conveyed to participants upon their arrival at the tournament.


11.1. The host committee will be responsible for local promotion of the event through television and radio Public Service Announcements & news stories, Newspaper advertising & articles, and sending/putting up posters.

11.2. All publicity shall include: STAS logos and those of the National and Provincial sponsors.

11.3. The host committee shall submit the final results (team placements and scores of final matches) in each division to all media and to the STAS office, along with a few good action pictures emailed as jpg attachments.

11.4. The host committee shall also submit a brief tournament report to the STAS office along with posed pictures (hard-copy or electronic) of the gold, silver and bronze medal teams wearing their medals.

11.5. The STAS office will help Sanctioned Events with publicity, i.e., Email campaign & web site announcements.


12.1. Each team is responsible to organize and pay for their own transportation to get to the hosting city, however, MAP Funding may be available from STAS for eligible teams.


13.1. Hosts are responsible for getting at least three bids for accommodation, to be indicated on hosting application.

13.2. Accommodations should be as close to the tournament facility site as possible.

13.3. Discounts at nearby restaurants should also be sought out and food suggestions made by the host.

13.4. Unless otherwise stated due to possible sponsorship, though the host will suggest the best accommodation options, all teams are responsible for looking after booking and paying for the accommodations themselves.

13.5. Likewise with the food, unless otherwise stated due to possible sponsorship, though the host will suggest nearby restaurants to eat at, all teams are responsible for arranging and paying for their own meals.


14.1. Host will be responsible for scheduling potential Coaches/Managers meeting(s), especially prior to the commencement of the tournament, and clearly outlining the playing schedule. Any questions or objections must be dealt with at that time, before the tournament matches begin.

14.2. The teams furthest away would appreciate later start times unless they arrive the night before. Try not to have the best teams play each other at the beginning of the tournament and also try to avoid having teams from the same club playing each other. Teams will appreciate a lunch break as well as having a break after two matches in a row.

14.3. Schedule matches in 45-minute time intervals. Keeping the tournament on time will depend on the convener and the cooperation of coaches, referees and minor officials. Teams should expect to warm up right on the court they will play on for 5 or 10 minutes prior to every match.

14.4. Generally, if seven or less teams are registered in one division in the Tournament, a single group round robin format shall be adopted. If eight or more teams are registered in one division, the teams shall be put into separate pools, with each pool playing round robin matches against only the other teams in their pool, with the top two teams advancing to the finals.


15.1. The Tournament Convener will be appointed by host and made known to STAS within 2 weeks of the event.

15.2. The tournament convener may be changed due to extenuating circumstances.

15.3. The host committee shall clearly outline to all participating teams prior to the tournament, all details regarding the tournament format, procedures and schedule that will be followed for the event.


16.1. The host will be responsible for the recruitment and scheduling of all tournament linespersons, scorekeepers, announcers, photographers and all other volunteers needed to run the tournament.

16.2. STAS shall recruiting/appoint STAS-certified Officials for any STAS-sanctioned Tournament.


17.1. The host must put into place a Judiciary Committee, prepared to resolve any possible disputes or appeal, and the committee shall consist of the Tournament Convener and two others appointed by the Convener.

17.2. Appeals or protests must be filed to the Tournament Convener, in writing, within 30 minutes after the result of the match involving the dispute is announced. The Judiciary Committee must respond to the appeal prior to the end of round robin play or prior to the appealing team’s next playoff match.

17.3. If there could be a perceived conflict of interest or bias decision for any reason, the Convener shall appoint a new person(s) to take over the judicial duties prior to the committee discussing an appeal.

17.4. Note: All other rules of the game to be followed will be those posted on the web site.


18.1. The preferred playing format for the Provincial Championship Tournament is to divide the number of teams entered into pools, and have each pool play round robin matches. The top two teams of each pool cross over to play each other until the winner of the semi-final match wins bronze (looser achieves 4th place), the winner of the final match wins gold, while the loser of the final match wins silver.

18.2. MODIFYING RULES for Local Youth Tournaments is OKAY and encouraged with new Clubs/Leagues, i.e. rotating players, having a One-bounce rule, kicking from below waist & self-tossing the ball when serving, etc.

18.3. If there is a tie after round robin play, the winner of the tie is decided by first counting the number of “SETS” WON AGAINST the tied teams in all their eligible matches (not counting possible exhibitions matches). The team with the LOWEST number of total “sets” won against them wins the tie.

18.4. If the number of “sets” won against the tied teams is the same, then the number of POINTS SCORED AGAINST the tied teams in all eligible matches (not counting possible exhibitions matches) shall be counted. The team with the LOWEST number of total points scored against them wins the tie.

18.5. If the total number of points scored against the tied teams is the same, then whoever won the match between the two tied teams when they played each other in their round robin match, is the team that wins the tie.


19.1. For major or special tournaments, the host may want to organize a dinner and awards ceremony as a nice social event and fund-raiser, in which case all proceeds shall go to the host.

19.2. For the Provincial Championships Tournament, STAS shall provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams with bronze, silver & gold medals for up to a maximum of 6 people per team, consisting of three players, two spare players, one coach and one team manager. STAS shall also provide awards for all-star or MVP players, as chosen by the Officials and Judiciary Committee, if applicable.

19.3. Trophies to the winning teams shall also be provided by STAS at Provincial Championship Tournaments.

19.4. For all other Tournaments, the host shall arrange and provide the metals/trophies to be awarded.

19.5. If there is not an Awards Dinner planned by the host, medals and trophies shall be handed out immediately following the end of the final match of the tournament.


20.1. The host will be responsible for all merchandise sales at the Tournament.

20.2. For the Provincial Championships Tournament, all merchandise must contain STAS’s official logo, and some products supplied by sponsors may also have their particular sponsors’ logo as well.

20.3. $1.00 per item sold that STAS does not supply will go toward STAS, with the host keeping the rest.

20.4. For items that STAS supplies, 75% of the net proceeds shall go to the host and 25% shall go to STAS.


21.1. All players, coaches, and managers of STAS-sanctioned Tournaments are insured through their membership fee paid prior to the commencement of the tournament.

21.2. All Officials of STAS-sanctioned Tournaments must be STAS-certified, paid Individual Members of STAS to be in those roles, and are covered by STAS’s Insurance.

21.3. All volunteers of STAS-sanctioned Tournaments are automatically covered by STAS’s Insurance (even though they may not be a paid Individual Member).

21.4. There is NO STAS INSURANCE coverage to anyone in any Tournament that is not STAS-sanctioned.

21.5. For more information on Insurance, or to request information on the Event Sanctioning Policy or to report a claim under the Sport Accident Policy, contact:

Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan

1280 Cameron Street

Regina, SK S4T 2T1

Phone/Fax: (306) 584-8778



Appendix 1, Tournament or Event Hosting/Sanctioning Application Form

Appendix 2, Tournament/Event Facility Readiness Checklist

Appendix 3, Tournament Convener Duties

Appendix 4, Regu Event Score Sheet

Appendix 5, Team Event Score Sheet

Appendix 6, Emergency Action Plan

Appendix 7, Illness & Injury / Accident Report Form

Appendix 8, Results Form