Welcome to the official new website of the Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Association!

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WELCOME to the official NEW website of the Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan (STAS)! Sepak Takraw is best described as KICK VOLLEYBALL or SOCCER VOLLEYBALL, and is a growing sport in Saskatchewan and across the country. Check out all the information available on this site, ESPECIALLY REGARDING OUR M.A.P. GRANT OF $250 - $750 TO HELP SCHOOLS/COMMUNITIES INTRODUCE AND DEVELOP THIS SPORT. Also check out many amazing pictures in the Media Library ... you'll get a sense of why this sport is so fun and considered one of the greatest spectator sports out there!



• Sepak Takraw Intro. Clinics (recommended for age 11 & up) and Sport Development, year-round ... AND AVAILABLE MAP GRANT ($$);

• Sepak Takraw Coaching & Referee Clinics, year-round, become certified ... FREE WITH FULL-DAY SCHOOL SKILLS CLINICS;

• Inter-school matches and wind-up tournaments (Youth, 11-14 & Junior, 15-18), March/April/May, 2011;

• District Sepak Takraw Play-downs, including Youth, Jr., Sr., & "Family" Divisions (direct family members including at least one parent and at least one female, playing under modified rules), May, 2011;

• Sask Youth,  Jr. & Sr. Provincial Regu Sepak Takraw Tournament, last Saturday in May annually;

• Sask Family & Corporate Challenge, Fun Recreational (modified games) Tournament, Regina, July 1, annually.