Sepak Takraw Season 2012

How We Can Help you Develop the Sport:

  • Provide a MAP Grant ($) to Club Members of $250 - $750 per school for clinics, equipment/materials, jerseys, tournament travel, etc.;
  • Provide FREE Certified Coaching & Referee Clinics (with manuals & booklets) to Individual Members in conjunction with Full-day School Skills Clinics;
  • Provide FREE after-school Minit Tournament support in conjunction with Full-day School Skills Clinics (at which newly trained Referees get immediate practical experience);
  • Provide technical support, including payment of Certified Referees, for local tournaments and help coordinate what other schools your school can play;
  • Provide technical support, including payment of Certified Referees, and official Sepak Takraw medals for District & Provincial Championship Tournaments;
  • Provide official Sepak Takraw Player Jerseys & Shorts to Members at below cost ($35);
  • Provide official Sepak Takraw Referee Jerseys to Referees with STAS patch and Red & Yellow cards at below cost ($20);
  • All previous year's members can RENEW Memberships in 2012 for HALF PRICE ($25 for Club, $15 for Individual) ... then uninterupted renewals will continue at half price annually herafter.

Advantages of a Sepak Takraw Program:

  • Very inexpensive, due to minimal equipment - uses your badminton courts, nets, poles (which you already have), and a set of 8 woven balls plus Instructional materials are available from NETPRO SPORTS through MAP for just $150-$200 (35% discount);
  • With only 3 players on a team (max of 5), competition travel is also very inexpensive and it is much easier for smaller rural schools to field teams and compete against other schools;
  • Develops eye-foot coordination, is excellent cross-training for soccer, and is a FUN game for the whole family to play anywhere, promoting active living for a healthy life;
  • Can be played indoor and outdoor; as a team sport over the net or a group or solo activity just keeping the ball up without using hands;
  • Is super easy to modify for any age or ability level ... EVEN THE PROVINCIAL  TOURNAMENT NOW INCLUDES A CO-ED, YOUTH (11-14 yrs.) DIVISION PLAYING MODIFIED GAMES.