District Tournaments

SK Rec. & Sport District Tournaments

Where: TBA, according to which schools/communities are active in the sport in any given year

Date/Time: District tournaments should take place beginning to mid May

Divisions: Co-ed Youth (11-14 playing modified games)

                 Junior Girls (15-19 playing modified games)

                 Junior Boys (15-19 playing standard games, but # of sets and/or points per set can be modified)

Registration: No fee, but all teams must be from paid 2013 STAS Club Members ... Club Membership Forms Here

                Even though no fee is required, All participants still need to be registered using STAS Registration Forms

Contact:   info@SepakTakrawSask.ca



Set your sites on taking your team all the way to the Provincial Sepak Takraw Tournament, which is hosted on the last Saturday of May each year.

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