'Kick' into Fall/Winter - Clinic Specials

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Sepak Takraw SKills Clinics (huge mileage discount)

  • Can occur any time ... before, during or after school hours, week days or weekends;
  • $75/hour (plus tax);
  • OR $195/half day (plus tax);
  • OR $325/full day (plus tax, incl. FREE Referee & Coaching Courses and After-school Mini Tournament);
  • Mileage fee for clinics outside Regina: $0.40/km Fall/Winter Special, just $0.28/km;
  • Provide food & accommodations as applicable for clinics outside Regina;
  • Can purchase Sepak Takraw equipment & instructional materials at 10% discount;
  • Must be a STAS Club Member (annual membership is $50 or $25);


Plan for 'Sepak Takraw Season' - March/April/May 2014

  • Host Sepak Takraw clinics prior to, or at beginning of, S.T. season;
  • Provide Sepak Takraw practice/program time and form teams to play each other;
  • Contact other schools/groups/clubs in your area to arrange matches against;
  • Host a local tournament and invite other Sepak Takraw-playing schools/groups/clubs;
  • Make sure STAS knows about your program/event/tournament;
  • Nominate a local player from your program to be a "Featured Athlete" on STAS website;
  • Aim to compete in districts or the provincials (Saturday May 24, 2014).