2022 Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championship

2022 Canadian Open Sepak Takraw Championship - Event Poster

PLAYERS/TEAMS: 1) Please see below attached EVENT POSTER, and complete TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION FORM with payment (deadline is July 15th), along with EVENT T-SHIRT ORDER FORM (if applicable, deadline is also July 15th). 2) Please read the "7. TEAMS" section of the National Tournament Hosting Policy to know what is allowable regarding teams: https://takrawcanada.com>STAC>PoliciesProcedures>NationalTournament 3) Please read the updated CURRENT RULES of the game of Sepak Takraw - Regu Event, so that all players are on the 'same page': https://takrawcanada.com>SepakTakraw>OfficialRules>"Regu"SepakTakraw 4) Please ensure all players on your team will be wearing JERSEYS with numbers on the back VOLUNTEERS: Anyone interested in volunteering at this event, please open VOLUNTEER JOBS & REGISTRATION FORM below.  SPONSORS: If there are any more entities interested in being an Event Sponsor, please contact STAC asap at stac@takrawcanada.com or 306-533-5589.