Organizational Profile


1.       Background

SEPAK TAKRAW SASKATCHEWAN INC. (STAS) is the non-profit corporation and Provincial Sport Governing Body for the sport of Sepak Takraw in Saskatchewan. Though in name it just received its Incorporation Number 101138669 with Corporations Branch of Saskatchewan Justice on February 18, 2009, the Corporation grew out of the Sepak Takraw Committee of ASIAN SPORT, EDUCATION & CULTURE (ASEC) INTERNATIONAL – a provincial non-profit organization that operated from 1997 - 2010. With over 200 Saskatchewan schools having Sepak Takraw equipment, and with growing interest in the sport around the province and across the country, the time was right to incorporate Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan as its own entity to pave the way for a focused effort to bring the sport of Sepak Takraw into the mainstream.

Jordan Retro 11 University Blue, Jordan Retro Red 11 Jordan Retro 11 University Blue, Jordan Retro Red 11

2.       Mission

The mission of Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Inc. is to develop awareness, interest, and all levels of participation by ALL in the sport of Sepak Takraw in Saskatchewan through the creation, promotion and advancement of quality programming and services, while also advancing diversity in sports.

3.       Objectives

The objectives of Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan are:

  • To promote and develop Sepak Takraw, in all its forms, to be both a recreational and competitive Sport For ALL that supports and enhances active living for the betterment of quality of life in Saskatchewan;
  • To conduct Sepak Takraw Introductory and Skill Training Clinics, Referee Courses, and Coaching Seminars that would equip interested participants to become knowledgeable and effectively involved in the sport right up to its highest levels if they so choose;
  • To facilitate the organizing of school and club Sepak Takraw leagues and tournaments throughout Saskatchewan that would effectively result in district champions competing in a provincial championship tournament to decide which are the best Sepak Takraw teams and players in the province;
  • To prepare and send Saskatchewan’s best Sepak Takraw players/teams to compete in western Canadian, national, and international championships;
  • To work directly, and foster a good relationship, with the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (STAC), the national governing body for the sport.

4.       Value Statements

S – Social: We believe that Sepak Takraw can be played by friends and family alike, provides a sense of belonging, and brings people together in  a way that enhances our lives socially.

E – Enthusiasm/Encouragement: We believe that enthusiasm and encouragement are vital to the success of Sepak Takraw programs at every level, whether just for fun, recreational or competitive.

P – Physical Literacy: We believe in the importance of movement awareness as it’s related to the sport of Sepak Takraw and successful skill development.

A – All Inclusive: We believe that Sepak Takraw can be played and enjoyed by anyone of any reasonable age, of any cultural/economic background, as it is easily modified to suit the participants’ ability levels.

K – Kindness/Consideration: We believe that all persons involved in Sepak Takraw programs should treat each other with mutual kindness and consideration in all matters at all times on and off the court.


T – Thrilling/Fun: We believe that Sepak Takraw is thrillingly fun for all participants, and rightly should be, as that is what helps foster enthusiasm and encourages more to become involved in the sport.

A – Attitude (positive): We believe that a positive Attitude is a must among Sepak Takraw participants, as we aim to behave with high moral standards, trust and integrity, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

K – Knowledge: We believe that the Knowledge of the founding history, traditions, cultures and protocols of Sepak Takraw is a valuable and appreciated part of the game when passed on to participants.

R – Respect/Responsibility: We believe that mutual respect of all persons, and all persons being responsible for their own small part of a Sepak Takraw program, will contribute profoundly towards the sport’s success.

A – Active: We believe that ‘staying active and fit for life’ is vital to our health and well-being, and Sepak Takraw offers a practical opportunity for anyone to stay active and fit for life, indoors or outdoors, in every season.

W – Willingness: We believe that willingness to plan and work together in Sepak Takraw, with open dialogue and respect for the views, roles and contributions of all participants, is not an option, it is a necessity.

5.       Membership

Membership to Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan is offered to INDIVIDUALS and CLUBS, with the following benefits:

  • Individual Members - shall be entitled to all privileges of membership including insurance and the right to vote at meetings of members. They shall also be eligible to play in a Saskatchewan sport district, regional, provincial or Canadian regional or national tournament. Individual Membership Fee includes membership to the national governing body, the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada, (STAC), the portion of which the Corporation would then in turn remit to STAC. BEGINNING 2012, UNINTERUPTED MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL IS 50% OFF THE STANDARD PRICE.
  • Club Members - meaning school, association, recreational/sports group, etc. - shall be entitled to the same rights as Individual Members, but as a club shall not be entitled to have more than one vote, nor have more than one representative eligible to serve as a Director or area representative. Players registered under Club Members only, are eligible to play in their local town/city or school division tournaments, however to go any further in the sport they must become an Individual Member. Players registered under a Club Member only, are covered by the corporation’s insurance as well as by their own club’s insurance if applicable. BEGINNING 2012, UNINTERUPTED MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL IS 50% OFF THE STANDARD PRICE.

6.        Insurance

Insurance for the association is partly put into place on its own through Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., and partly through the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (STAC), the national governing body. Sepak Takraw is a safe sport, with very few injuries, mainly because it is a NON-CONTACT sport … a combination of soccer kicking skills back and forth over a 5 foot high net in a game that progresses like volleyball, with players staying on their own sides. We are happy to report that, in 14 years of activity including the sport of Sepak Takraw, there has never been a single claim made. Of course the more advanced the competition becomes, the more the demands are on one’s body, especially leg muscles, and the few injuries that have occurred have been quite minor, such as sprained ankles, and the odd pulled or torn muscle.

7.        Volunteers and Staff

Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan has been very much a volunteer-driven organization. We rely heavily on volunteers for many of our major programs and activities, including athletes, coaches, managers, the board, students, teachers, collaborating community organisations, and other interested individuals.

8.        The Board of Directors

Board Members will continue to come out of the membership of the organization, many (but not all) of whom likely have first gotten involved as players to some capacity. Board members and volunteers have played, and will continue to play, active roles in promoting Sepak Takraw through networking, attending meetings & conferences, manning a STAS booth at special events/conferences, developing ideas, writing letters, producing a Newsletter and helping to develop the annual budget, proposals, follow-up reports, etc.

9.        Program Planning

The Board of Directors meet as necessary throughout the year, if not in person, decisions are also made via email. They are the decision-making and guiding force behind the organization. Together with the Technical Director/Provincial Coach and various committees, they plan and approve the programs and activities of the organization.

10.    Program Evaluation

Generally, programs are evaluated on the basis of: personnel available to provide leadership; cost effectiveness; amount of interest shown; participation; sales; repeated bookings; comments and feedback on evaluation forms; and willingness of volunteers.  Again, accountability is an important part of the evaluation process - to the participants, board of directors, partners, and funding agencies - answering the question, “Did we do what we said we would do?”

11.    Summary of Accomplishments for STAS's First Three Years:


1280 Cameron Street, where we are ‘at the back doors’ of the “at risk youth” population in Regina;

b) JOBS: Created 2 permanent part-time positions and 5 temporary full-time summer job positions (2009 - 2011);

c) VOLUNTEERS: Involved hundreds of volunteers in various programs and projects;


Co-operated with the City of Regina, Rainbow Youth, Street Culture Kidz, Sheldon Collegiate, the Oasis, and Regina North Central Community Association to involve at risk youth in cultural and recreational programs that we have developed and administered. Also developed ties with the Regina & Saskatoon Laotian Communities, the Chinese Cultural Groups, the India Canada Association and the Philippine Cultural Groups through cooperatively planned events. Partnered with Regina Open Door Society & First Baptist Church to help “Karen” (Burmese Minority) Refugees integrate here in their new home land by getting them involved in a recreational activity they already were very familiar with and love (Sepak Takraw).


  • Membership in ALL provincial sports/recreation districts, with both Club and Individual Membership increasing each year: 13 & 15 in 2009, 21 & 19 in 2010, 22 & 50 so far in 2011 respectively, or a total of 56 Clubs and 84 Individual members altogether, with a minimum of 420 players;
  • Have trained 24 Referees and 25 Coaches from 5 different districts around the province;
  • School Leagues and Championship Tournaments are taking place annually in Regina;
  • Rural Schools have started playing games against other schools from neighboring towns, and setting sites on provincials, although this is taking a little longer to catch on than in the city;
  • STAS has progressed to formulate a solid system of how to train more coaches & referees all around the province, and that being offering and advertising FREE Coaching & Refereeing Clinics in conjunction with Full-day School Skills Clinics;
  • Have succeeded in establishing a School Sport Season for Sepak Takraw, that being March-May, after Basketball season and before track (kind of during badminton season, ideal because Sepak Takraw also uses the same badminton poles/nets/courts);
  • Have progressed to now include Youth (11-14), Junior (15-19) and Senior (20 & up) Divisions in the Provincial Sepak Takraw Championships, which are now being held the last Saturday in May, so that schools can more easily be involved, and is right after Badminton Provincials;
  • Have created an exciting, hugely popular, Family & Corporate Challenge Canada Day Tournament & Public Participation Courts;
  • Have hosted & co-hosted 3 provincials and 3 Canadian Opens respectively, with the 2011 Canadian Open bringing China’s National Team;
  • Have hosted a National Sepak Takraw Training Camp (2011), with Team China players involved.
  •  New, Professional-looking Website, also links to Facebook & Twitter;
  •  New Facebook Web Page and News page and Twitter Account from which we are targeting communication/PR with youth … and our Facebook Page is already getting much attention;
  •  New Quarterly E-Newsletter, by which we are targeting communication/PR with P.E. Teachers, rec. directors, etc., basically the decision makers;
  •  Standardized Referee Jerseys for all STAS Sepak Takraw Referees with STAS crest on each;
  •  Two Styles of Sepak Takraw Player Jerseys have been designed and ordered (with awesome front graphics and space to put their Club/School/Community name on the back) for members to purchase for their teams/programs, with a special price being worked out for them (which is expected to contribute to more repeat membership and continued involvement in the sport);



  • “Get Active, Get Your Kicks!” – Sepak Takraw Skills Benchmarks & Evaluation Resource Manual This 63-page book, just published in April 2010 by Sepak Takraw Sask, provides all the tools necessary for teachers/coaches/facilitators to perform surface and very in-depth analysis and evaluation of how participants are learning and exhibiting kicking and game skills, which will then also reveal how they may need to improve to become rue Sepak Takraw players!

12. Current Programs & Activities

Realizing that there is a desperate need for the population in general to get more active, and realizing that recreation involving using your feet (running, kicking, jumping) provides a greater cardiovascular workout, yet eye-foot coordination skills is often a neglected part of school P. E. programs – consequently most youth are not as comfortable using their feet in recreation – and since Sepak Takraw is such a new recreational activity/sport, and one that primarily necessitates using the feet, STAS has become very aware that there needs to be a some kind of special project that would simply just get kids interested in becoming more active by using their feet in various fun recreational activities and challenges. Once kids discover how much fun kicking and manipulating objects without using their hands can be, then they can start thinking about getting involved in a sport like Sepak Takraw. But they must first be given the chance to discover what they can do with their feet. Hence, STAS has embarked on a major project called, “GET ACTIVE, GET YOUR KICKS” that introduces the fun and the ‘art’ of kicking, as a lead-up to organized Sepak Takraw.

Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan is also undertaking the task of ensuring that ALL students/schools in the province, including First Nations, Private, French, Public and Catholic, will have equal opportunity to get more involved in the very fun sport of Sepak Takraw. By “more involved” we mean actually developing teams that would play other schools or groups, enter tournaments, compete in district play-offs and set their goals at making it to the provincial tournament. STAS is providing the incentive of FREE SEPAK TAKRAW CLINICS AND FREE EQUIPMENT & INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS to any school/community that commits to develop the sport ... NO GRANT PROCESS TO GO THROUGH, NO APPLICACTIONS TO FILL OUT, THE CRITERIA SIMPLE:


New, starting in 2012, STAS is now offering FREE Certified Coaching Clinics, FREE Certified Referee Courses, and FREE Mini Tournaments to go along with a Full-day of Skills Clinics booked by school/community club members ... which takes a minimum of 1 1/2 days (including a full school day and two afternoon and evening times). However, participants must be active STAS Individual Members ($30/year or $15 for annual renewal)

At the same time STAS is providing extra training/playing opportunities in Regina with a regular twice/week program for those who really want to achieve a higher level in the sport, or who just love it so much they want to play it more often. This program is has been well-attended by many Karen/Burmese Refugees who have settled in Regina.

STAS has also been meeting with First Nations Groups (i.e., North Central Community and FHQ Tribal Council) about setting up Sepak Takraw programs geared for their youth to get involved.

In the summer, STAS hires a student to run the Regina Summer Outdoor Sepak Takraw Program, an integrated part of the “Get Active, Get Your Kicks” project, as well as an Outdoor Recreation Drop-in.