January 2012 Newsletter

Sepak Takraw Jerseys

CLICK HERE OR ON THE ATTACHMENT BELOW to view/download our Sepak Takraw Sask January Newsletter.      NEWSLETTER INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTS ARE:

  • STAS now offers $250 - $750 grants to schools/associations to help them develop Sepak Takraw;
  • When booking a Full-day Skills Clinic, it now also includes a FREE Certified Referee & Coaching Clinic as well as a Mini Tournament (allow an extra two afternoons/evenings);
  • STAS Membership Renewals are now half price (only $25/year for Club, $15/year for Individual) … renew your membership now CLICK HERE to download a STAS Membership Form;
  • STAS Members can buy cool, official Sepak Takraw Jerseys & shorts for $35 (below cost, pictures in attached newsletter);
  • STAS Referees can buy official STAS Referee Jerseys with Red & Yellow cards for $20 (below cost);
  • Provincial Sepak Takraw Tournament, May 26, Saskatoon Christian School (Youth, Junior & Senior divisions).

Added Note:STAS will be co-hosting the 2012 Canadian Open National Championships in Regina, July 21 & 22, which will be preceded by a Summer Training Camp, July 16 – 19. Contact the STAS Office for more information if interested in the Training Camp. International teams from China, USA and possibly Malaysia are expected to come to the Canadian Open (and some of them for the training camp as well).